1. gym-leader-elesa:

    Surprise gift for siimisear - it’s Mint!

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    So I had really fun drawing this picture that I just HAD to draw the others like this!

  3. gym-leader-elesa:

    By the by I doodled an Elesa today but I ended up working on it more and now I want to upload it before something happens to it because I’m quite proud of this drawing.

  4. WIP shots of the Flannery picture.

  6. villagertrillian:

    Happy last day of cherry blossoms! While the petals were blowing, poor Marina was ill and so she missed out on the opportunity to watch them until today. Her best friend is comforting her as they enjoy it while it lasts!

    Yeah it was also an excuse to draw these two because they’re so close in my town and it’s adorable as heck.

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  7. pogonipac:

    I decided to post the gijinka early in case I lose it forever and have to start all over

    I can’t draw men!

    Or umbrellas!

    And my signature looks funny.

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  8. pogonipac:

    Made another one of these because I was inspired. I like how this one turned out a lot better.

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  9. pogonipac:

    Along with Moe and Carmen, these two are my favorite friendship, especially since I can see her wrapping her arms around him when he’s feeling down c:

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  10. sayharrumph:


    December Pokedex Challenge

    Favorite Bug-Type: Volcarona


    Oh I should probably provide an explanation, huh?

    First off, I adore atlas moths to bits and pieces and find them one of the most gorgeous insects despite their size. Two, looking for Volcarona was incredibly fun since it was the ultimate treasure hunt in the ruins after you’ve dealt with the Elite Four and Team Plasma. I remember navigating the place and it took a while to figure things out, so it was really satisfying encountering it after that much time. 

    So, beautiful moth Pokemon and I liked having it around in my late party.

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